"This has been the longest four years of my life...being a nanny after leaving from a cruise ship school"
—Bailey in Bailey Goes to Hollywood

Bailey Marie Prescott is one of the main characters from the television series, Twins on Deck and the main title character in the second spin-off, Bailey. In the show Twins on Deck, Bailey is a texan girl from Kettlecorn Kansas, she later attended to the S.S. Tipton an all sailboat boarding school. While there she meets two twin boys, Dylan and Cole Martin--where they later became friends and one of the twins, Cole shows a romantic interest of Bailey. Bailey appeared 60 episodes total in the show. After graduating from the S.S. Tipton, Bailey later moved to New York to become an actress however she later became a nanny of the 4 Rosling kids in the Geter Penthouse. Four years after being a nanny, she later got an acting career and moved to Los Angeles to starred in her upcoming tv show. She is portrayed by Debby Ryan.

Early LifeEdit


Bailey Marie Prescott was born on Wednesday October 13, 1993 in the mid western town of Kettlecorn Kansas. The child of Je Prescott and Eunice Prescott. As a young girl, Bailey grew up loving farm animals and classical music. Once she had won the Kettlecorn Classic "Hee-Haw" Dance Contest at the Kettlecorn Festival along with her cousin, Maybelline. At the age of seven, her mother had suffered from Sickle Cell Disease. Her mother sadly died from it two years later on Bailey's 9th birthday. After the terrible death of her mother, Bailey been in a depressed mood and could not get over her mother's loss. In 1999, Bailey moved to Texas and begins living with her uncle Cornelius.

Twins on DeckEdit

Season 1Edit

In the first season of Twins on Deck, Bailey is fifteen years old who had attended to the S.S. Tipton.