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Felix Black was the pure-blood husband of Cruella Black-Killoran and the father of Bellatrix, Edie and Nymphadore Black. In the early 1960's, Felix tortured a unknown muggle family, he was sent to Azkaban but later died there in 1960. He was seen on the Black's family tree in 1996 in the episode, "A New WizTech Professor".

Early LifeEdit

Felix was born in 1922 to Dexter Black and Erma Black-Crabbe. Felix have a oldest brother, George and a older sister, Lorian. In the 1940's, Felix met and marries Cruella Killoran in 1948. In 1950, they have two twin daughters together, Bellatrix and Edie. In 1955, they had their last final daughter they named her Nymphadore.

Azkaban Jail and DeathEdit

In 1960, Felix murdered a muggle family. After the murdered, Felix was found by the Ministry and they taken him to the Ministry Court. Felix was sent to Azkaban prison for life. On that same year, Felix died in Azkaban prison of an unknown death caused.


  • A New WizTech Professor (seen on the Black's family tree)