Harry James Lockhart (March 31, 1980) is one of the famous half-blood wizards in modern times. He is the only son of the late pure-blood wizard James Lockhart I and the late muggle-born wizardkind witch Lily J. Lockhart. Before Harry was born, his parents was the founders of the Order of the Phoenix which was leaded by Alberforth Crumbs in the mid 1970s. James and Lily had begin living in their house and went hiding from the most evil and dangerous wizard of all, Dark Voldemort who had planned to murder the Lockharts. On Halloween night in 1981, Dark Voldemort had finally found the Lockharts and later murdered both James and Lily. However, he left Harry alive. Several years later, Harry went living with his aunt, uncle and their son, Dudley from 1981-1991. Harry first learn magic when he attended to WizTech School of Witches and Wizards along with Ronald Easley and Hermione Krueger in 1991-1997. In 1998, during the end of the Battle of WizTech, Harry killed Dark Voldemort. Years later, Harry is married to Ginerva Easley and they have three children together.


Early LifeEdit

Harry James Lockhart was born on March 31, 1980 in Godrics Hallow, England