Hermione Jenevie Krueger is a muggle-born wizardkind witch. She's the only daughter of both Muggle dentists, Harold and Selene Krueger. When Hermione was born, her parents had work as dentists at a muggle dentistry, Hermione had began to be interested in reading and writing as a young girl. She attended to a Muggle school at the age of three. Despite of her brilliant and cleverness, she graduated at the age of nine in the fifth grade and she had became one of the most smartest kids from school.

On September 1, 1991, about twelve days before she nearly turned twelve years old, she began her wizardry education at WizTech School of Witches and Wizards. While their, she meets Ronald Easley and the famous Harry Lockhart. During her first sorting ceremony, she was about to be sorted in Huffleduff because of her smartness skills and "the brains of everything", However she was instead sorted in Graffyndor. Hermione didn't had many friends at WizTech, however she became one of the best friends with Harry and Ronald after they saved her from the troll incident in the Girl's Lavatory on Halloween.

In her second to third year at WizTech.

She is portrayed by Emma Watson.