Indiana Joanne Katherine Crumbs (c.1885 — 1899) was a half-blood wizardkind witch, third child of a Muggle Percival Crumbs and a pure-blood witch Katherina Crumbs and the younger sister of Alphard and Albus Crumbs. When Indiana was little, she and her older brother, Albus used to play alot in their village neighborhood. They usually play together while their oldest brother work for their father. In 1895 at aged eleven, she attended to WizTech School of Witches and Wizards. She was sorted in Huffleduff however both her brothers had been sorted in Graffyndor because of them bravery. Two years later in 1897, Indiana accidently killed her mother when she tried to do a jinxing spell, she couldn't control the spell and it backfires and hits her mother. Ever since then, Indiana had blame herself over her mother's death -- She later became depressed and she nearly tried to commit suicide by drowning in the bathwater. However she remained calm and protected by her brothers.

In 1899, Indiana died when her two brothers was in a three way duel against Gerret Gettyswald. She had use her powers to stop the three from killing each other however the death spell had went directly towards Indiana and she was killed instantly.

Indiana was seen in a portrait in her brother's Alphard's home on June 31, 1998.