Lucinda Crowe (19561983) was a pure-blood wizardkind witch. She was the daughter of Ulrich and Vallerelle Crowe and she was the younger sister of her older brother, Lucius Crowe. During her childhood, the Crowe family was cruel wealthy family. Lucinda had began her school year at WizTech School of Witches and Wizards in 1967 along with her brother, Lucius who was in his fourth year at that time. Lucinda was sorted in Snaker.

After her brother, Lucius graduated from WizTech in 1971, he left his parents and Lucinda so he can lived by himself at his residence. Lucinda remained staying with her parents until she graduated in 1974. Lucinda remained living in Godrics Hallow for seven years.

In 1983 during the First Wizarding War, Lucinda died from natural causes