Lucius Crowe is a pure-blood wizard and was one of Dark Voldemort's destroyer followers. The husband of Nymphadore Crowe and the father of his only son, Draco Crowe. The Crowe family was cruel wealthy pure-blood family. Lucius had began attending to WizTech School of Witches and Wizards in 1964 and he was sorted into Snaker. During his school year, Lucius didnt have many friends, he was quite abnormal than the other students. He later met and dated his future wife, Nymphadore in his third year. In his sixth-seventh year, he was a member of ????. He later quit in the half of his seventh year at WizTech. After graduating from WizTech in 1971, he owned his home after leaving his parents and younger sister, Lucinda. A year later, he and Nymphadore got married and Nymphadore moved in with Lucius at the Crowe Manor.

Early LifeEdit

Lucius Ulrich Crowe was born in the year 1953 in London, England. The eldest child of Ulrich and Vallerelle Crowe. Lucius is the oldest brother of his younger sister, Lucinda Crowe.