Professor Neville N. Wendel (March 28, 1980) is a half-blood wizard, the son of the late half-bloods married couple Hank Wendel and the late Barb Wendel. Before Neville was born, his parents were known as the Auror and they was members of the Order of the Phoenix which was leaded by Alberforth Crumbs around the mid 1970s. On Halloween 1981, after the Dark Voldemort's fall, Neville who was a year old, his parents were kidnapped and was later murdered by the Dark Voldemort's Deather Eater members, Bellatrix Mafoy, Rodolphus Mafoy, ???? and three other Deather Eaters. They had tortured them under the Cruciatus Curse and killed them under one of the Unforgetable Curse. After the murdered, the Deather Eaters was sent to the Council of Ministry, they was sentenced to death penalty for the murdered and sent them to Azkaban. Neville was later adopted to his grandmother, Edna Wendel. Neville begin his school year at WizTech School of Witches and Wizards at the age of eleven, he was sorted in Graffyndor along with fellow student, Harry Lockhart. He had never made any friends at WizTech except for his pet toad, Gary. As Neville grew as a teen, he was later not afraid and more bravery. In 1998, Neville joined to fight the Deather Eaters controlled during the Battle of WizTech. Neville had survived the battle.

Two years later after Harry destroyed Dark Voldemort in the battle, Neville married to ????? and they have a son they named him Trevor Wendel. In 2017, Neville becomes the headmaster at WizTech school.

Early LifeEdit