Nymphadore Patricia Crowe (née Black) is a recurring character and a pure-blood witch. She's the youngest sister of Bellatrix Mafoy and Edie Puckett, the wife of Lucius Crowe and the mother of Draco Crowe. Nymphadore begin her education at WizTech School of Witches and Wizards in 1965, she was sorted in Snakers. During her first year at WizTech, she met her future husband, Lucius Crowe where they later begin dating. After graduating from WizTech in 1972, Nymphadore and Lucius got married and together they moved in their home at the Crowe Manor. In 1980, Nymphadore and Lucius have a son together where they named him Draco. During the First Wizarding War in 1981, Nymphadore and Lucius had joined the Deather Eaters after hearing her oldest sister, Bellatrix locked up in Azkaban after murdering two Order of the Phoenix members, Hank and Barb Wendell.