Oskar Drewerson was a sweden boy who was the only friend of a shemale vampire, Ellie Swade in the early 1980s. Before he met Ellie, Oskar was usually being bullied and picked on by students from his school and was physically abused by his father. When Oskar met Ellie, Ellie was not interested being his friend at first however they got along very easily and remained to be friends. Ellie had also try to protect Oskar at everything. Oskar later have a romantic interest in Ellie, but that when he found out that Ellie have a male-penis and he discovered that Ellie is not a female at all. He had also found out that she's a vampire and she had to leave Oskar since he found out about her secret. Ellie soon leaves Oskar but came back for him after he was being bullied again. Oskar went with Ellie ????