Romione (Ro/nald Easley and Her/mione Krueger) are the friendship, romantic and the future spouse pairing between Ronald Easley and Hermione Krueger. They first met when they, along with Harry Lockhart boarded the WizTech Express to attend to WizTech School of Witches and Wizards in their first year on September 1, 1991. In the begining they didn't get along at first because of Hermione's bossy and smart cleverness. This had led in the middle of Transfiguration Class, where Ronald and Hermione were partners; Hermione had got an A+ because she had did the mid-air spell correctly which makes Ronald jealous. After class, Hermione overhears Ronald making fun of Hermione's smartness skills which led Hermione to cry in the Girls lavatory.

Later on the night of an Halloween feast, Professor Willen had rushed to the Great Hall, yelling because a giant troll had broke out in school which made students to panic. All students in the four houses had left however Ronald and Harry had remember Hermione still in the school and they went up to the Girls lavatory to save Hermione from the giant troll. After saving her from the troll, Ronald, Hermione and Harry became close best friends.

In second to third year at WizTech, Ronald and Hermione grew somewhat close as they was about to hug twice but shook hands instead. When Hermione was petrified by the Basiliks and was taken to the WizTech Hospital Wing, Ronald was a little nervous if Hermione not going to be fine. Ronald and Hermione usually sometimes gets into a friendly argument. This relates to Hermione's pet cat dislikes Ronald's pet rat which it later became ????. As their friendship grow, they get jealous of each other. Once Ronald got jealous when ???? was Hermione's yule ball date and Hermione got jealous when Ronald begins dating Lavender Webb in their sixth year. In 1997, Ronald and Hermione grew interested each other and they begin dating in 1998 after they kissed at the Chamber of Secrets during the battle of WizTech.

After the battle ended, Ronald and Hermione got married a year later and have children together for nineteen years.