"Hermione? -- Dear, come downstairs to make some tea"
—Selene to her daughter

Selene Krueger is a muggle dentist doctor, the wife of Harold Krueger and the mother of a muggle-born wizardkind witch Hermione Krueger. When Hermione was born, her mother and father were working at a Muggle Dentistry where they later became dentist doctors. Despite Hermione who have big teeths, her parents sometimes takes their daughter to their dentistry and fixed her teeths. Around the 1990s, Hermione has been accepted to WizTech School of Witches and Wizards, her parents was proud of Hermione and they usually buy her books since Hermione always loves to read. In 1997, Selene and Harold soon moved to another city after they was mysteriously brain-washed by Hermione. This means Harold and Selene forgot they have a daughter and will never recognized Hermione.

Unknown LifeEdit

Adult LifeEdit

File:Selene-and-babyhermione.jpg It is unknown about Selene's muggle life, however she met and married Harold Krueger between 1976-1978.

On September 23, 1979, Selene gave birth to a baby girl they named her, Hermione. When Hermione was born, Selene and her husband, Harold begin working as Dentist doctors at a Muggle dentistry.