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"Once upon a time in the magical kingdom of Coventry was besieged by the forces of darkness. In the midst of this battle the twin daughters of Amanda and Sebastian were born. For their safety the twins were separated and hidden away in another dimension. 21 years later the sisters were reunited and returned to the land of their birth where they vanquished their evil Uncle Phantos. And they destroyed the darkness forever. Or did they..."
—Stephanie narrating

Stephanie "Nicole" Aretta DuBarge (born Artemis Phear) is a recurring character on the show, The Dusk. She's the daughter of Sebastian and Amanda Phear, the twin sister of Kimberly/Apolla and her witchcraft powers is moonlight. Stephanie appears in 7 episodes in the second season and 6 episodes in the third season. She is portrayed by Tia Mowry.


Born Artemis Phear on Halloween during the night rises. Artemis was the daughter of Sebastian and Amanda Phear. Artemis is also the twin sister of Apolla Phear. When Artemis and Apolla were babies, the evil darkness had planned to get their powers during midnight. The darkness had almost captured their powers but the twins was both saved from their step guardians and they both separate and adopted the twins. Artemis was now named Stephanie DuBarge.

Season 2Edit

The Twitches MeetsEdit

In this episode 21 years after, Stephanie is twenty-one years old and living with her best-friend, Janet after the death of Stephanie's adopted mother. Stephanie is first seen walking with Janet. When Janet left to go to college, Stephanie went to look for a job at the shopping mall. Later at the shopping mall, Stephanie bumped into Kimberly and they both freaked out and panicked because they both looked alike. They both found out that they was twins and its revealed that their father, Sebastian was killed by the darkness to save both his daughter's powers.