Thomas Ashford Doyle (September 11, 1873) was a orphaned boy who witnessed the murder of John Ranchez by a indian killer, InJun. On Late September night 1885, Tom, along with his best pal, Huck Lokè, both sneakily witnessed InJun murdering John Ranchez in the Forbidden woods. They had kept a secret to their selves and the other town folks thought John's friend, ORourke killed John. Tom, however had told the people and the judge that InJun was the murderer and InJun was now coming after Tom. Later, InJun is killed when he fell from the bridge while chasing after Tom and his now girlfriend, Becky Thacker.

Early LifeEdit

Thomas AshFord Doyle was born on September 11, 1873, in Worthswaite Village in England. He's the only son of the late Mr and Mrs Doyle. When Tom was three, he and his parents moved to Mississippi and his parents was later killed during the First War. Tom went living with his aunt Holly and his second cousin, Jim, in a village in Mississippi.